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You've entered the online home for the family of Paul and Barbara Crudo. Just like the real 459, an open invitation is extended to all of our family and friends. Come in, hang out, touch base, and catch up.

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Mark Your Calendars
Upcoming Crudo Family Events

This is a list of upcoming family events and dates for which you may want to mark your calendar. To add something to this list, email John. I'll try to keep it about a month to two ahead. Don't forget to the calendar page to view or add to a more comprehensive list of dates (dad is always frequently adding significant dates!)

December 24
Paul Edward's Birthday
December 25
December 26
Baby Luke Kantowitz's Baptism, St. Agnes, SF (2 PM)
December 26
Crudo Bowl I

Site Updates

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December Birthdays

  • 1: Aunt Rusty (None of your business!)
  • 3: Philip Adams (TBA)
  • 11: Neill (2)
  • 14: Theresa Weber (34?)
  • 15: Lori (43)
  • 16: Nicky Peter (8)
  • 22: Jake (10)
  • 24: The Man - Paul/Dad/Grandpa/Papa
  • 26: Edie (39?)
  • 31: Larry Adams (TBA)

Family Members' Sites

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Family News

S.F. Baptismal Date Set for Luke Kantowitz
New Jersey's own Luke Kanto
witz will make a Christmas appearance at the real 459. While he and his family are in the City, Luke will be baptized by none other than Fr. Cameron Ayers, SJ, at Cameron's own St. Agnes Church. The baptism date is Monday, December 26, at 2 PM. A family flag football game is also planned.

Lisa Watkins Tentatively Sets 12/17 for Cousins' Christmas
Cousin Lisa Watkins is graciously planning to host her annual Christmas party for the Crudo clan at her Castro Valley residence. After careful consideration and abundant input, she has tentatively set the date for December 17. "So far it looks like the afternoon of the 17th is good for most, anytime you want to come would be fine, and since it's a Saturday, we can party until later into the evening." Woo hoo! That's my kind of party!

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